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The past week has been a time of rebuilding our city, our homes and healing our hearts. On Friday, Aug. 28 Hurricane Harvey made his presence by impacting the Texas Coastline. Originally raised in Lafayette, Louisiana, we have a sense of preparedness for the worst and hoping for the best. Hurricane Harvey for many was just a tropical storm that would impact Houston with heavy rain. On Saturday morning the storm was upgraded to a Category 4, which made me fear the worst. The city of Houston floods just on a regular rainy day, however, waking up the next morning was not one of those rainy days. The day became a scene of high water rescues, fear and little or no hope. This sight made Harvey a nightmare in the making.

I-45 Hardy Toll Exit

I-45 Rayford East Bound Exit

The storm is finally over, and joy always comes in the morning. I am beyond blessed without having to the see the wrath of Hurricane Harvey. ALL GOD!!! As the morning approaches, it's time to help our neighbors in any capacity and rebuild the bridge of hope for my fellow Houstonians. The next day, I decided to help my immediate community and volunteer my time at Grace Church in The Woodlands. This was a wonderful and emotional experience, seeing young children and adults literally with nothing but the clothes on their back. This was a moment of gratitude. I know the journey ahead will not be easy but the love that Houston has for their communities will make our city better than EVER!!!

Volunteer Time at Grace Church

Here are some great foundations to donate:

Become The Bridge Foundation
Bread of Life Inc.

XOXO McZeal Maven

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